Home and Contents, Motor, Pleasurecraft

House and Contents

"A man's home is his castle."  The single biggest investment of your time and money will be the purchase of your home and all of its contents and as such, the insurance to protect these items is just as important.  With the backing of Steadfast, we have access to some of the best covers in the market in both terms of coverage and costing.

Private Motor Vehicle Insurance

Second only to your house, your car is the next biggest purchase you will make.  Ensuring that the policy you purchase puts you back on the road as quick as possible and with genuine guaranteed repairs is a minefield.  Let us guide you through.

Pleasurecraft Insurance

This includes Personal Watercraft, Runabouts, Trailer Sailors, Yachts.  Don't let a fun day on the water end up ruining you financially.  We can assist with arranging cover for any type of waterborne vessel that you have.

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